Besides the fact that Spearman has the most notable outdoor Vintage Windmill Collection, our community, county, and area is very rich in history.  Hansford County is 900 sq. miles, we are located at 36 degrees N and 101 degrees W, and our elevation is 3105.  There are probably over 200 windmills in our county alone and many more in the surrounding counties of Ochiltree, Sherman, Hutchison, and others.  We have a lovely Palo Duro Lake with excellent camping and fishing, nature trails, and even caves and wildlife.  You should see the fireflies by the water at dusk!  There is a an abundant nesting roost of Bald Eagles and wild turkeys too!

In September of 1934, Charles Lindbergh landed just outside of Spearman on his way across the country.  The Historical Marker, one of the most significant aviation markers in the state of Texas, lies a quarter mile South of Spearman. 


Just 17 miles South on Hwy 207, lies the turn-off to the famous Red River Indian Wars Battle site of Adobe Walls, noted in the movie Lonesome Dove.  This battle began the 1874-75 Red River War between the Indians and Euro Americans.   English immigrants, James and Bob Cator, came to begin buffalo hunting and settled Fort Zulu, the first permanent settlement in the Texas Panhandle.  In the  Battle of Adobe Walls, legend has it that scout Billy Dixon shot an Indian off his horse from 3/4 miles.   The Adobe Walls Battlefield is listed in the National Register of Historic Places and is under the ownership of the Panhandle Plains Historical Society.  It lies on private land at the Turkey Track Ranch, but has been portioned off so that it can be enjoyed by history buffs.

Near Perryton, lies the archeological site called the Lost City
If you have time, be sure and visit the Alibates Flint Quarries National Monument which is located about 45 miles South of Spearman.