Birding in Hansford County

Spearman is located in the Northeast corner of the Texas Panhandle
 in Historic Hansford County.  There are acres upon acres of milo, corn, wheat,
CRP,  and native prairie grasses, and  a diverse terrain that provide an
ideal habitat for hundreds of native species of birds, as well as
 migratory birds traveling both in the North to South and East to West Flyways.
They are not only attracted to the abundant food source, but to our water
sources as well.  In addition to our many playa lakes, irrigated crops, creeks,
and streams, Palo Duro Lake lies 8 miles South of Spearman and
is a natural sanctuary to many types of wildlife such as
 Dove, Blue and Bob-white Quail, duck, geese, Blue Heron, and Cormorant.
The solitude of the lake attracts many nesting Bald Eagles and you often
witness the turkeys roosting in the tree tops as dusk nears.


Nesting Bald Eagles
Palo Duro Lake is a wintering spot for our National Bird

"Thanks! I had a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful time. You cannot imagine what it was like going home to Miamióit took me three hours to reach TX 70: I got over 200 photos of Rough-legged, Ferruginous, and Red-tailed Hawks. Totally astonishing. Iíve posted Spearman and FM 759 on the statewide bird listserve as THE premier place in Texas for wintering raptors."

Thank you to Seth Davidson of for the following photos taken near Spearman on December 8, 2002.
Rough Legged Hawk
Ferruginous Hawk
Red Tailed Hawk
Wintering Raptors


There are many varieties of birds, but the area is also rich in other wildlife.
The terrain supports a stable and growing population of native wildlife, bird life,
rich with colorful wildflowers and grasses, and all that would attract.
The county is superb for wildlife viewing, photography, nature walks and hikes,
and even seasonal hunting.

Panhandle Birding Club
Palo Duro River Authority
Where there are birds, there is life
Not only is the country side full of life, the city dwellers
also enjoy a colorful array of beautiful feathered friends such as...

Northern Cardinal
Blue Jay
Indigo Bunting
Ruby Throated Hummingbird
Red-headed Woodpecker
Wood Thrush
Eastern Bluebird
Rose-breasted Grosbeak
Cedar Waxwing
Mourning Dove
Dark Eyed Junko
Northern Mockingbird
Marsh Wren
Red- Cockaded Woodpecker
Yellow-billed Cuckoo
Purple Martin
Barn Swallow
Pine Warblers
Pine Siskins
Red-breasted Robin
and many more.....

Come see us soon!!