Enjoy All Four Seasons in Spearman

                                                   Fresh Air! 

 No Pollution or Smog!  

                    Beautiful Sunrises and Sunsets! 

                       Thousands of stars are visible on a cloudless night.

Summer nights are delightfully cool due to the elevation of 3088 feet. This makes early morning a preferred time for summer outdoor exercise when the air is fresh and cool.

Average Daily High Temperature:  71
Average Daily Low Temperature:  42 
Average August High Temperature:  82  Average January High Temperature:  40 
Average yearly rainfall:  22.29 "  Average spring humidity:  51.13% 
Average summer humidity:  56.13%  Average fall humidity:  58.3% 
Average winter humidity:  58%  Average yearly snowfall:  10 inches 
Percentage of yearly sunshine:  73%  Days between last and first killing frost:  210
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